What the World Needs Now!

The Sunday February 14, Valentine’s Day, YouTube service is “What the World Needs Now”. (Remember that song by Jackie DeShannon?)

“We can have that kind of love in our lives when we become more loving. The Laws of Attraction and Mind/Action really do work when we work them,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous says. He will speak about ways we can make these things a reality in our lives.

Pollyanna Was Right!

At this week’s YouTube service, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous explains why Pollyanna was right!

“So often when we hit a bump in life, or see the news, we are tempted to say, “Unity and New Thought ideas are just happy babel. They are just so Pollyannaish.” If you read the novel, Pollyanna, you will discover that this young girl was right and what we need for difficult times,” Rev. Rick notes.


Spiritual Lessons from a Horse Whisperer

At January 31 service we will look at the spiritual insights we can gain from a very special horse whisperer. Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will tell the true story of a horse whisperer whose work led to the creation of a ranch where equine-related therapy is used to heal many forms of emotional and spiritual disturbances.

“One of the most important lessons to be learned is that it really matters what emotional and spiritual thoughts and feelings we bring into the paddock of life,” Rev. Rick notes.

Prosperity in 2021: Getting Through the Roadblocks

The January 24 service concludes our series on Unity principles surrounding prosperity.

“These principles really work! There are roadblocks and battery drains that often stop us from achieving our goals and dreams. We will look at proven ways to get around any roadblocks,” Rev. Rick says.

Prosperity in 2021: How It Works!

At the January 17 Service, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will continue the series on Unity principles surrounding prosperity. 

“This time we will look at the mechanics of how to get these principles working for you and for Unity of Roanoke Valley,” Rev. Rick explains. “Unfortunately I have seen some people in Unity for years—and some churches—that have not really gotten these wonderful ideas,” he adds.

Prosperity in 2021: A New Sunday Series

We are starting a new Sunday series at the January 10th service: Prosperity in 2021. This three-part series is led by Rev. Dr. Rick Belous.

“Unity principles about prosperity work, and they apply to so much more than just money. The pandemic and economic gyrations provide added incentives to use these principles on both the individual and church levels. I hope you will join us for this new series,” Rev. Rick says.

The White Stone Ceremony

“The Book of Revelation says that when we are following a spiritual path, we will receive a special white stone, and we will know what name to write on that stone. This name or word will fill us with power and direction to accomplish our tasks. The White Stone Ceremony is one of the most important Unity additions to the liturgy,” Rev. Dr. Rick explains.

The Twelve Powers and Twelve Days of Christmas

At our Sunday, December 27 YouTube service, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will look at the 12 Days of Christmas and the 12 Powers that we all have.
“The 12 days of Christmas and the 12 Powers is so much more than a partridge and a pear tree. It help us keep connected to the Christ within all year round,” Rev. Rick adds.

Christmas Eve Service

We invite you to attend 
our YouTube 
Christmas Eve Service.
This special service includes several musicians and singers
in addition to Dr. Janice Cusano.
Rev. Dr. Rick Belous shares a warm Christmas Eve message.

Merry Christmas!

The Fourth Sunday of Advent

The December 20 YouTube service is all about the third Sunday of Advent when we light a candle for Joy.
“2020 has seemed to be a cavalcade of difficulties. But when we can center in on what we have to be grateful for, it invariably leads to joy— and rebirth of the Christ within,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.
Join us for wonderful Christmas music during the service played by Dr. Janice Cusano.