Sunday Service, July 26, 2020

Unity’s first basic principle talks about “God the good.” We are now experiencing a pandemic that has killed thousands and impacted millions in the areas of health, economic wellbeing, and peace of mind. It is reasonable to ask: “Where Is God In This Pandemic?”

Rev. Dr. Rick Belous deals with this question. “Why do bad things happen to good people? This issue has come front and center during COVID-19,” Rev. Rick notes. He explores Unity’s key answers to this age-old question during his message. “There are positive ways to get through this crisis and thrive,” he adds.

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Sunday Service, July 19, 2020

It was just “another day at the office” when Stanislav Petrov saved the world. At the Sunday, July 19 service, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will talk about how Petrov, who was a Colonel in the Soviet military, literally stopped World War III from happening.

 “There is a great deal we can learn from Petrov’s brave actions, including how to center when facing a jam. Petrov may not be a familiar household name, but he should be,” Rev. Rick notes.

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Sunday Service, July 12, 2020

Many modern Biblical scholars believe that there was a bay in the Sea of Galilee where Jesus told many of his parables to hundreds- if not thousands- of listeners. “This spot is known as the Bay of Parables, and it has come to represent a place where our best dreams and hopes are shared,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous explains. 
At the Sunday, July 12th service,  Rev. Rick talks about how we can form a “Bay of Parables” for both our deepest individual dreams and sincerest hopes for Unity of Roanoke Valley. “It was at the Bay of Parables that Jesus first shared his vision of what it meant to go from good to great. The Bay of Parables is a state of consciousness that we can really use – and can have – today,” he notes.

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Sunday Service, July 5, 2020

The 4th of July is most often celebrated as a time of political, social, and economic freedom. But at the Sunday, July 5th service, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will be talking about another type of freedom. “Freedom from the ghosts of the past and future is so important if we are to spiritually grow,” Rev. Rick notes. 

There are ways we can be released from these chains which bind so many people. “Given what has happened so far in 2020, and what we can expect, this year is a very good time to be free of these limitations,” he adds.

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Sunday Service, June 28, 2020

During the pandemic, many people have felt like Alice In Wonderland when she fell down that rabbit-hole. On Sunday, June 28, at his first service as Minister of URV, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will talk about what we can do spiritually to get out of these rabbit-holes.

“It is even possible to avoid falling into these rabbit-holes in the first place,” Rev. Rick notes.

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Sunday Service, June 21, 2020

You are Invited to a Feast!

We have not been together for almost three months. However, our connection in Spirit is real. Every Sunday when we do the service, we can see your faces in our minds. We feel your love. We feel your presence. So join with Rev. Ginny for her last Sunday with us in spiritual communion – a time when we can rededicate ourselves to our journey as ambassadors of Truth. 

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Sunday Service, June 14, 2020

Living the Mystical Life – Part 2

Last Sunday we began to discover the steps to living the mystical life. Rev. Jim Rosemergy shares the secret to mystical living in his book Living the Mystical Life Today. He says, “The true yearning of the soul is to be acknowledged and ultimately fulfilled. It is a relationship with the Presence.” Can living the mystical life bring about inner peace, harmony, and love in today’s world? Let’s find out together! Click here to join Rev. Ginny via YouTube for this Sunday’s empowering message.

Sunday Service, June 7, 2020

During times of crisis and change that may appear at any point in our lives, how can we live an extraordinary life in ordinary or not so ordinary times? Mystical living invites us to focus on our oneness with all of life as we recognize that the entire universe is bursting forth with the newness of life in EVERY moment. We are a major part of this unfolding! Join Rev. Ginny on Sunday to explore mystical living.

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Sunday Service May 31, 2020

Are you a Mystic?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a mystic?  What may you have in common with mystics such as Thérèse de Lisieux, Brother Lawrence, and Thomas Merton? Our lesson will discover what a mystic is and why we are all called to continue to pursue truth beyond our human experience to live an extraordinary life. Please join Rev. Ginny on this journey of discovery!

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Sunday Service May 24, 2020

“What if” may be the most frequently asked question in everyone’s mind today.

Join Brucie Quick as she explores some ideas that support us as we move into a higher level of consciousness and love, knowing “We Are One”.

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