Health Tip

There are many things we can each do to prevent the spread of viruses. One of the best things is hand washing. We are asked to wash our hands often with soap and water–before handling food or touching our face, after handling food, before and after contact with someone, before and after using the restroom, …. And we are told that we should wash our hands for at least 20 seconds. There are lots of 20 second songs to sing or hum as a way of timing the 20 seconds. ‘Happy birthday’ is one of them. How about singing the second verse, “God is blessing you now”. to get in a 20 second prayer boost while getting clean hands.

If soap and water isn’t available, use a hand sanitizer with a base of at least 60% alcohol. And, guess what? That should be rubbed vigorously for 20 seconds! You can affirm God’s blessing then, too!

Classes and Study Groups

We will continue to hold our Wednesday Prayer and Meditation. However all other groups are being held at the discretion of the facilitator. Please check with your facilitator. The office may not be aware of any recent change.

Blessings to Rev. Linda

As we bid farewell to Rev. Linda Taylor, we are profoundly grateful for her many blessings to our congregation and community in her eight and a half years with us.  Among her accomplishments are: helping us navigate through a major renovation and expansion, introducing a brilliant fundraising idea that paid for our new roof, creating and leading several year-long Disciples study groups, facilitating a Mastermind focus group that lead to a new and refreshed vision and mission statement and Spirit Groups, rigorously developing and monitoring a realistic budget, increasing our income by inviting new like-minded people to our church through hosting the annual Body, Mind, Spirit Fest, and gently but steadily moving us forward on our spiritual paths into a community-lead consciousness.  

Through all of this she remained open, accessible, and humble – a true demonstration and example of walking the path of Spirit.

We love and bless her as she continues to follow her own spiritual path, wherever that leads, knowing that we are better for her time with us and are also prepared for our next exciting step in spiritual evolution.  Because of her efforts, we are ready to welcome in a new leader that is our vibrational match.

Join me in sending love and blessings to Rev. Linda Taylor and her husband, Riley, as they begin their new, spirit-guided adventure back to Texas and family.  We are a better, stronger, more Spirit-led and capable due to her eight and a half years with us.  She is a shining example of walking the spiritual path with grace, humility, insight, vision, practicality, and intuition.  We send them on the wings of prayer, knowing that we are all held in the hands of God. 

Happy New Year to all,

Sue Frankel

President, URV BOD

The Forever Angels

A new study, a new book, a new challenge to what we think we know about life and death, reincarnation, and the life continuum. This presentation will both surprise and startle you! The book, The Forever Angels, Near-Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact, is like nothing else you’ve ever read! It is a groundbreaking study of the lifelong effects of near-death experiences in the newly born, babies, toddlers, and children up to age five.

 P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., is a distinguished researcher of near-death experiences, prayer chaplain, spiritual counselor, and visionary. She is the author of 15 books including Children of the Fifth WorldBeyond the Indigo Children, and The New Kids and Near-Death Experiences. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. This event will include a PowerPoint presentation plus Q&A. Books will be available for sale.

 The Forever Angels

September 15, 2019



The Magic of Manifestation

The universe is always operating in divine balance and manifestation follows these universal laws. Learning this language will free you to create a life you are in love with. Join Deborah Steddom for a two-hour interactive workshop exploring the pleasures and pitfalls of creating your own reality.
Learn how to free yourself from old patterns; experience the power of your thoughts; and expand self-trust and understanding!

Workshop fee $20

Energy Healing Expo

Energy Healers of the Roanoke Valley, including some
of our Myrtle Fillmore Holistic Healing Center
practitioners, invite you to join us for an
 Energy Healing Expo
 April 13 1:00PM to 5:00PM
 Gathering Room
Come learn about and experience the many different
 types of energy and holistic healing available in the Roanoke Valley . We will have many different modalities available for you to experience including Massage,
 Access Bars, LaHoChi, Reiki, Spiritual
 Psychotherapy, and more!
We will be selling tickets for $20 for 20 minutes of services($1/minute for additional time) Gift certificates
 will also be available.

Easter Celebrations at Unity of Roanoke Valley

Join us Sunday, April 21, for any or all of our Easter Celebrations. Start the day at 7:00am for our Sunrise Service held in the beautiful Rose Garden (weather permitting). We follow that with breakfast in the Fellowship Hall. Next is our Communion Service at 9:00am which is followed by a second breakfast. At 11:00am, we offer a Celebration Service in the Sanctuary while our youth have an Easter Party in the Youth Ed Building. And the final celebration event is an Easter Egg Hunt for our youth. See the Calendar for more details.

Getting Clear, a workshop with Howard Ceasar

 October 17, 2018
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Love Offering
Clarity paves the way to increased power, freedom, and happiness. This workshop is for the person who is looking for clarity and deeper meaning in the life we are called to live. A larger, more expansive view of life, yourself, God, and your relationship to “All That Is” awaits anyone who is willing to enter this process of getting clear.
Private sessions with Rev. Howard Ceaser are available on Thursday, October 18 for $75.00 an hour.

Reverend Howard Caesar was ordained as a Unity minister in 1976.  In September of 2017, he left pulpit ministry to enter his next form of spiritual service which includes speaking, workshops, coaching, consulting, pilgrimages, and writing.  He currently has an Amazon #1Best Seller, One + One is One.  Rev. Caesar is recognized as one of the foremost leaders and speakers with the New Thought message, traveling the world to meet with spiritual leaders such as His Holiness, the Dali Lama. He is a founding member of the leadership Council of the Association for Global New Thought Alliance (AGNT) and previously served on the boards of International New Thought Alliance (INTA) as well as Unity Worldwide Ministries, Pavilion International Recovery Center, and other boards.

Joe Jencks!!

Love is a Verb


It has been said that the greatest spiritual imperative is to love. But how do we love with both strength and vulnerability, when   to open our hearts to compassion is to also open our hearts to   an awareness of the depth of suffering in the world? On Sunday, September 23rd – guest musician, international troubadour, and speaker Joe Jencks, will offer some ideas about how to love healing into being.


Joe Jencks blends vivid songwriting with well-crafted instrumentals, and serves it all up with a voice that has the edgy richness of a good sea-salt caramel. A 20-year veteran of the international Folk circuit, Jencks has penned several #1 songs in the Folk genre, including the ever–relevant “Lady of The Harbor.” Merging conservatory training with his Irish roots and working-class upbringing, Joe delivers engaged musical narratives filled with heart, soul, groove and grit. Jencks performs at concert halls, festivals, and spiritual communities throughout North America, and is known for his unique merging of musical beauty, social consciousness, and spiritual exploration. Recent releases include: The Forgotten and Poets, Philosophers, Workers, & Wanderers.


More information is available at:


You can also experience Joe live in concert on Saturday evening, Sept 22 at the Lotus Center.  Seating is limited.  Purchase your tickets at