Loving Well in a Broken World Part 3

At this service Rev. Rick will conclude our series on Lauren Casper’s wonderful book Loving Well In A Broken World. We will look at how we can be loving online when cyberspace can often be a harsh world. Dr. Janice Cusano will play great music for this service.

Down at the End of Lonely Street

This week the Sunday, October 25, service goes “Down at the End of Lonely Street.” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous looks at loneliness during the pandemic and spiritual ways to deal with it.
This service is part of the new Sunday series based on author Lauren Casper’s book Loving Well in a Broken World. “Many people have told me about not being able to be with family, friends, and in normal social situations because of COVID-19. This has had a real toll on many. But there are positive ways we can shake the blues,” Rev. Rick notes.

Loving Well in a Broken World, Part Two

This week we will continue our Sunday series based on Lauren Casper’s book entitled Loving Well In A Broken World. Lauren shows us how our ‘blind spots’ can be like blinders on a horse and block us from seeing the total picture of ourselves and others.

At the end of the service, don’t turn off your machine. Skip and Cody, our AV aces, have been putting on fun stuff related to the service— and you won’t want to miss it!