Jane Goodall and Messengers of Hope

At the August 28th, 11:00 am in-person and live streaming service, we will look at Jane Goodall’s suggestion that we all become messengers of hope.

“Jane believes that it is not enough for us to be filled with hope on a personal level, she believes it is important for us to pass our hope on to others in positive ways,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous says.

This Sunday service, which will be archived for future viewing, marks the conclusion of our series on Jane Goodall’s latest work, “The Book of Hope.”

Jane Goodall and The Indomitable Human Spirit

At the Sunday, August 21st in-person and live streamed 11:00 am service, we will look at Jane Goodall’s fourth key reason for Hope.

“Jane’s fourth solid reason for hope is what she calls the ‘indomitable human spirit.’ She shows how we have triumphed in the past even when the chips were down. These times have turned into some of our finest moments that have led to quantum spiritual leaps,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.