Sunday Services

We currently have one service each Sunday at 11:00 am. When attendance increases we will return to our regular schedule of two services each Sunday.

We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask while at URV, regardless of their vaccination status. As we move indoors for winter, we all need to be more aware and cautious. We encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines. If you have any acute respiratory symptoms or other signs of being sick, we ask that you stay home, take care of yourself, and watch the YouTube service.

Our YFM program is back in action! Bring your children with you on Sunday – they will enjoy the expanded program under our new director, Dawn Rees-Blakeman.

Feeling Gratitude during Advent

At the Sunday, November 28th YouTube service Rev. Ginny Roll will explain why it’s appropriate that we should talk about the Thanksgiving Feast! Gratitude, Blessing, Giving Thanks and Praise, Counting Your Blessings can all be a part of this day! It doesn’t matter what you do – JUST DO IT! Your spirit will soar as you enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast!

Along Comes Squanto!

The pilgrims were going through some very hard times and they were almost down for the count. But then along came a Native American, Squanto (Tisquantum), who saved the day.

Rev. Dr. Rick Belous, in a Thanksgiving message from a few years back, asks us to look for the Squantos in our life – and to be a Squanto to others.

There were technical problems with the message recorded by Rev. Betty Tarpley. If possible, we hope to fix those problems and share that video with you.

Relentless Positive Thinking and the Mind/Body Connection

At the Sunday, November 14th YouTube service, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will discuss the latest research that shows a strong relationship between our thinking and our health.

“Dr. Dawson Church reports on the statistically significant impact repetitive negative thinking has on increasing the chances that a person will get Alzheimer’s disease. Relentless positive thinking can improve our health,” Rev. Rick notes.

The Book of Joy and Dealing With Hungry Ghosts

This year, Halloween falls on a Sunday, and our October 31st, 11:00 am in-person service and YouTube service will be filled with ghosts and goblins!

But most importantly, we will look at ways to deal with the “Hungry Ghosts” (a Buddhist concept) that may still be lurking near us. “The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in their Book of Joy, explain powerful practices for getting rid of these demons,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

The Book of Joy: Pillars of the Heart!

At the Sunday, October 24th, 11:00 am in-person service and YouTube service we will look at the Pillars of the Heart as outlined by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu in their Book of Joy.

“These pillars include forgiveness, gratitude, compassion, and generosity. With these pillars we can sustain real joy even in difficult situations,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes

A Harmonic Convergence at this Sunday’s service!

There will indeed be a harmonic convergence at both the Sunday, October 17th, 11:00 am service and the YouTube service! These services will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Unity Of Roanoke Valley and The Book of Joy by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Former Unity Of Roanoke Valley ministers – including Revs. Linda Taylor, Ginny Roll, and Diane Scribner Clevenger (by video) – will join Rev. Dr. Rick Belous in this joyous celebration. Join us for a very special service on this very special Sunday!

The Book of Joy: Living in an Attitude of Gratitude!

In their book “The Book of Joy,” the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu make some powerful suggestions concerning how we can have “the peace that passes all understanding.”

“At the October 10th in-person service and YouTube service, we will explore their Eight Pillars of Joy, and a key pillar is learning how to have an attitude of gratitude,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

The Book of Joy: What is Draining Your Battery?

At the Sunday, September 26th, 11:00 am in-person service and YouTube service, we will continue exploring “The Book of Joy” by The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

“This time we will look at what is draining your metaphysical battery of the joy it was created to hold. The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu suggest many powerful ways we can overcome the obstacles to our joy,“ Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

The Book of Joy: It Is Well With My Soul

On Sunday, September 19th, at the 11:00 am in-person service and YouTube service, we will start a six-week exploration of “The Book of Joy” by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Spirit Circles begin this week, meeting in people’s homes, at URV, and online. Each circle will study the great insights on Joy expressed in this wonderful book.

“The Dalai Lama and Archbishop show us how we can have this joy despite what is going on in the outside world. It is such a timely book for what we are going through right now,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

At the Sunday, September 12th, 11:00 am service and YouTube service, we will look at a central part of all of the world’s great spiritual paths: Neighbor Helping Neighbor.

“Unity is very strong in many aspects of spirituality. But traditionally Neighbor Helping Neighbor has not been one of our strongest areas. This is changing,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

“Unity Worldwide Ministries and many Unity churches are really helping to build ‘a world that works for all,’” he adds.