Sunday Services

We currently have one service each Sunday at 11:00 am. When attendance increases, we will return to our regular schedule of two services each Sunday.

We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask while at URV, regardless of their vaccination status. We encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines. If you have any acute respiratory symptoms or other signs of being sick, we ask that you stay home, take care of yourself, and watch the livestreaming service.

Our YFM program is back in action! Bring your children with you on Sunday – they will enjoy the expanded program under our new director, Jane Harden.

You Are Special

Join our youth this Sunday for a lively multi-gen service! We will explore not letting other people’s opinions define us, focus on our inner divinity, and find ways to do our best!

NOTE: This Sunday is multi-generational, which means our youth are actively involved in all aspects of the service. We are not livestreaming the service to protect their privacy. We invite you to join us in person!

Make No Assumptions

This week Rev. Luz is speaking about the third agreement in don Miguel Ruiz’s book, The Four Agreements. Have you ever mistakenly assumed something that was not true? Did it cause you suffering? Rev. Luz will share what we can replace assumptions with so that we may be more at peace with one another. We look forward to being with you on Sunday, March 10th!

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I Hope You Dance

Lee Ann Womack wrote beautiful lyrics in her hit song, I Hope You Dance. In a themed “The Message is in the Music” lesson from our guest speaker, Rev. Wally White, we will find the lessons in the songs that inspire us collectively and individually. Join us this Sunday, February 18th, and dance!

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Release and Renew

Letting go of what no longer serves us opens channels for energy to fully and freely flow through and around us, manifesting greater abundance. Rev. Luz’s message this Sunday, January 28th, will energize us to reimagine our highest good and clear the way for a greater manifestation of abundance in our lives.

Reminder – our Annual Meeting is this Sunday, January 28th, following the service at 12:30 pm!

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