Sunday Services

We currently have one service each Sunday at 11:00 am. When attendance increases, we will return to our regular schedule of two services each Sunday.

We strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask while at URV, regardless of their vaccination status. We encourage everyone to follow social distancing guidelines. If you have any acute respiratory symptoms or other signs of being sick, we ask that you stay home, take care of yourself, and watch the livestreaming service.

Our YFM program is back in action! Bring your children with you on Sunday – they will enjoy the expanded program under our new director, Jane Harden.

From Fear To Hope

The season of Advent is a time of hope, peace, joy, and love. The world today can be a chaotic and stressful place. Advent reminds us that in the appearance of chaos, there is hope for peace. Join Rev. Luz this Sunday, December 3rd, as she shares a message of hope that reminds us of the peace that abides in our hearts and has the power to move us from fear to hope. We hope you’ll join us this weekend for Rev. Luz’s first Sunday as our new Senior Minister!

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Shake It Off! How Moving Through Emotions Sets Us Free

Join guest speaker Arlene Prieto on Sunday, November 26th, as we explore the freedom of “shaking off” and working through our emotions. Learn techniques to become more emotionally resilient!

About Arlene

Arlene is an educator, mind-body life coach, and motivational speaker. She has always had a passion for learning and a natural talent for teaching complex ideas in a lighthearted and relatable way. She has studied and taught psychology, philosophy, and world religions courses and is certified in Somatic Attachment, Awakening Coaching, Breathru, and more. Arlene uses her extensive experience to support people in living more authentic and meaningful lives by becoming more emotionally resilient.

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You’re invited to share a time of great Thanksgiving with guest speaker Rev. Betty Tarpley at the 11:00 am service this Sunday, November 19th, for all that Unity of Roanoke Valley has been blessed with during this past year. This Sunday is also our Come Sing With Us Thanksgiving Jamboree – we hope you’ll join us!

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How To Remember ~ How To Look Within

Unlock the secrets of self-discovery and inner reflection this Sunday, November 5th, with Bill Stanton! Investigate the wisdom and profound implications of the timeless quote, The Kingdom of Heaven is Within. Learn the three stages of meditation and experience a guided memory meditation. Embark on a thought-provoking exploration of the self as we learn that memory is a skill and we can remember NOW!

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Indigenous Peoples Day with the Redfeather Medicine Singers

The Redfeather Medicine Singers with Azurae Windwalker will offer an American Indian Spiritual message and music at Unity of Roanoke Valley on Sunday, October 15th. It is a special Indigenous Peoples Day celebration. The Redfeather Medicine Singers have been together for nearly 20 years, singing and drumming at Local Colors, Women’s Indigenous Drum Fests, Amethyst Center ceremonies, Churches, Schools, and Eco-friendly events. Our mission is to honor our Native American Ancestors and culture, bring personal and planetary healing, and promote uplifting Mother Earth to health.

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