Directory of On-Site Practitioners

The Myrtle Fillmore Holistic Healing Center (MFHHC) was formed in September 2018 as an extension of the mission of Unity of Roanoke Valley – to inspire people to make positive change in their spiritual lives and in the world. The Directory of Practitioners consists of a list of practitioners who provide services for spiritual growth and transformation of Mind Body and Spirit in alignment with Unity teachings.

Each practitioner has a listing describing who they are, what services they offer and how they can be contacted. Contact is made directly with the practitioner. Fees for services are negotiated by each provider and client.

*****The Myrtle Fillmore Holistic Healing Center cannot, and does not, provide referrals or recommendations. It only directs you to practitioner listings.********

If you are a practitioner and are interested in being a part of the MFHHC please contact:
Chris Cameron

Dr. Maurie Sutton
Practitioner Liaison

(As of 02/24/20)

Michelle R. Hancock

Reiki Master, Practitioner/Teacher – Traditional Eastern/Western Reiki
Animal Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher-Animal Communications
Phone: 540-632-6450

Michelle Hancock Is a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher who provides Reiki service for humans and animals, and a unique way to offer Reiki with humans and their animals together. Even though human Reiki and animal Reiki differ from one another, when brought together by the use of techniques and exercises, the natural healing benefits complement each other, and the energetic experience is amazing.

Michelle is a certified practitioner of Western and Eastern Reiki practices and teaches both. She applies a combination of both practices and techniques within her services for humans and animals alike. Michelle enjoys teaching her knowledge of the Hara system to others. The Hara system is the backbone of the traditional Reiki system which can support anyone who seeks to learn more about spiritual enlightenment and strengthening their own healing abilities. By use of this system, one can learn the benefits of creating healing from within by learning to connect with the energies of Earth, Heaven, and Oneness (Humanity). It is also through this meditative practice that successful connections are made with animals.

Along with Reiki services, Michelle offers Chakra alignments and clearing by use of singing quartz crystal pyramids and incorporates the healing sounds of the Japanese hand pan drum, Tibetan bowls, and the Didgeridoo with her Reiki sessions.

Peg Sorrentino, LCSW

Spiritual Psychotherapy
Phone: 540-808-8307

Peg Sorrentino provides counseling for individuals who are invested in working through their issues whether they be long-standing or situational problems. Cognitive therapy will examine thoughts and beliefs which no longer serve the individual’s highest good. Meditation, relaxation and mindfulness will add an important component to help the client progress towards spiritual wholeness. Together we will work towards creating the shifts and insights which produce everyday miracles. The client’s strengths, goals and personal growth will be affirmed as a vital part of their healing journey.

Maurie Sutton, PhD

Access Consciousness Bars, Integrated Energy Healing, Emotion Code
Phone: 540-283-0056

Dr.Maurie offers hands on and distance healing modalities that release emotional and mental stress, false belief systems, physical pain and other blocks that impact one’s ability to function at full potential. She has a variety of modalities depending on individual desires and needs.
After one session, clients report that depression and anxiety have lifted, they feel more connected, pain is gone, fear is lifted, and they don’t feel so overwhelmed.
This is accomplished by pulling up the root of cellular memories that limit individuals in their lives. The barriers to Universal abundance simply tend to fall away. Life gets easier.

Cathleen L. Thomas

Master USUI Reiki, Master Mindfulness Consultant, Coach, Educator, Intuitive Channel, H.S.P, Empath
Phone: 540-874-4890
Business Name: True Heart Living LLC Healing Center

My passion is to provide you with naturopathic self-healing tools and life skills for the balancing and centering of your mind, body, and spirit. I offer this through the lens that we are more than just our bodies, and for them to obtain consistent inner balance, the whole person should be taken into consideration. I offer intuitive channeling and techniques, through energy healing modalities, that de-stress, relax, clear body blocked and stuck energies (see chakras and meridians.)
I am a doctoral candidate of Naturopathic Psychology with a concentration in childhood/adult sexual violence and abuse.

Marc White Wolf (Universal Healer)

Intuitive Energy Healing, DNA Repair, Rife Frequencies, Spiritual Tarot
Phone: 434-473-5716

“White Wolf” means Healer/Teacher, bringer of the medicine. Marc White Wolf has practiced Tarot reading for forty years and has created a reading style called “Spiritual Tarot” which shows where a person has been, where he/she is now and possibilities for the future. This method allows for practical spiritual tools to be given to the client for life changing progress.


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