Directory of On-Site Practitioners

The Myrtle Fillmore Holistic Healing Center was formed in September 2018 as an extension of the mission of Unity of Roanoke Valley- to inspire people to make positive change in their spiritual lives and in the world. The Directory of Practitioners consists of a list of practitioners who provide services for the spiritual growth and transformation of Mind, Body, and Spirit, in alignment with Unity teachings. We believe that with the assistance of such practitioners, individuals can be empowered to heal themselves and live in balance with joy and integrity. Such lives shine in the presence of others, and their light has a positive ripple effect in their communities that ultimately creates change worldwide.
Each practitioner has a listing describing who they are, what services they offer, and how they can be contacted. Contact is made directly with the practitioner. Fees for services are negotiated by each provider and client.

*****The Myrtle Fillmore Holistic Healing Center cannot, and does not, provide referrals or recommendations. It only directs you to practitioner listings.********

(As of 10/09/19)

We are updating our directory.

Please check back in a few days.

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