Our Minister

Everything in life is connected. Our gifts, our circumstances, the people we meet, the family we have. Everything is here to guide us on our journey of becoming who we truly are and what our purpose is.

My journey bears evidence of this. I am the oldest of eight children. We had little in terms of material possessions, but what we had was far more valuable than material wealth. It was, and still is, an abiding love for God and for one another.

My parents were both ordained ministers. The same love that compelled them to become ministers compelled me to pursue this path.

In 1970, I married my soul mate, Joe Lecour. He and I have been married for 48 years. We have two amazing daughters and three grandchildren. My formal education includes a Master of Divinity Degree from the Unity Urban Ministerial School and a Master’s in Education Degree. I enjoy traveling and spending time in nature, photography, music, reading, and writing.

In 2000, my husband retired from the NYC Police Department, and I retired from the NYC Department of Education, and we moved to Citrus County in Florida. Little did I know that a divine plan was unfolding for my life. In 2010, after teaching for nine years in the Citrus County school system, I retired. Shortly thereafter, I discovered Unity of Citrus. It did not take long for me to dive into Unity’s teachings. I began taking every class offered and joined the Prayer Chaplain team and the choir. Soon afterward, I served as the Platform Assistant, Sunday Service Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator.

Unity’s teachings have transformed my life, and I desired more than anything to share these powerful, life-changing universal truths with all who were willing to listen. In 2014, I clearly understood that my calling, at this point in my life, was to become a Unity minister. My mission is to continue practicing Unity Principles and to be a healing Presence of God’s love wherever I am.

In Loving Oneness,

Rev. Luz Lecour

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