Prayer Chaplain Program


Unity of Roanoke Valley is blessed to have a wonderful Prayer Chaplain Ministry. These are Spirit-led individuals who have completed the Unity Prayer Chaplain Training Program.  They give selfless, heartfelt and dedicated services to members of our congregation.

The Prayer Chaplaincy Ministry is based on God as the center, head and heart of all that the Prayer Chaplains do.  The Prayer Chaplains commitment to themselves and others is that the God within each of us is greater than the circumstances we see.  As the Prayer Chaplains remember God first, they assist in “Holding Sacred Space.”  To “Hold Sacred Space” is to become present and hold a conscientiousness of possibilities.  This means that regardless of the circumstances, situations. etc. the chaplains KNOW that God is greater, and from this awareness they hold God’s presence and power in the moment that is now.

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What is a Prayer Chaplain?

A Prayer Chaplain is:

* One who will create and hold a spiritual space with you.

* One who will lovingly listen to you from a heart space.

* One who prays with you for the highest and best answer and outcome regarding your request.

* One who holds what is shared in the strictest of confidence.

.      Our Prayer Chaplains are committed to reaching out in prayer, comfort, and support, holding a sacred space into which God’s presence is invited, and where our request can rest in the sacredness of this space.

.      Participating in the Prayer Chaplain Ministry is a transformational experience.  As we allow ourselves to be an instrument of God’s kindness, we experience a deeper prayer life of our own.  Venturing into our own deeper spiritual journey, we touch the lives and hearts of many.

Sunday Prayer Chaplain Services:

.     Prayer chaplains are available each Sunday before and after the 9:00 and 11:00 services in the Prayer Chapel.  They are easy to identify.  They will be wearing a Prayer Chaplains badge.  They are available for one-on-one prayer support.

.     This Prayer Chaplains ministry is intended to be an extension of the Minister’s hands and feet as the Prayer Chaplains hold spiritual space, listen, pray, and hold what they hear in confidence.

.     If you have a concern, joy, or just want a hug, know you are welcomed to connect with the Prayer Chaplains.




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