Spiritual Care Team


Unity of Roanoke Valley is blessed to have a wonderful Spiritual Care Team. These are Spirit-led individuals who have completed the Spiritual Care Team Training Program.  They give selfless, heartfelt and dedicated services to members of our congregation.

This Team is based on God as the center, head and heart of all that the they do.  The Team’s commitment to themselves and others is that the God within each of us is greater than the circumstances we see.  As the members remember God first, they assist in “Holding Sacred Space.”  To “Hold Sacred Space” is to become present and hold a conscientiousness of possibilities.  This means that regardless of the circumstances, situations. etc. the members KNOW that God is greater, and from this awareness they hold God’s presence and power in the moment that is now.

Our Mission

To pray with, comfort and support our community.

What is the Spiritual Care Team?

The Spiritual Care Team consists of individuals who serve as either a Unity Prayer Chaplain or Keeper of the Flame.

Prayer Chaplains

  • Actively and intentionally participate in the prayer stewardship of the URV community through one-on-one prayer support.
  • Make monthly wellness calls to URV members.
  • Lead the Healing Prayer at Sunday services.
  • Listen and hold what is heard in strictest confidence.

Chris Cameron
Prayer Chaplain

Kristia Shrader
Prayer Chaplain

Toni Kier
Prayer Chaplain

Martha Perez
Prayer Chaplain

Marjie Ratliff
Prayer Chaplain

Pat Raymor
Prayer Chaplain

Keepers of the Flame

  • Holds sacred space during our Sunday services.
  • Pray over all prayer requests after each Sunday service

Cindy Tuck
Keeper of the Flame

Jan Wylie
Keeper of the Flame

What is the commitment?

Unity Prayer Chaplains and Keepers of the Flame are required to make a one-year commitment to their stewardship responsibilities. This service opportunity is for those who are ready to sincerely commit to the development of their spiritual growth and maturity.

Responsibilities include:

  • Participation in annual training
  • Attend quarterly meetings
  • Hold sacred space at Sunday services

In addition, Prayer Chaplains will:

  • Offer one-on-one prayer support after Sunday services
  • Make monthly wellness calls
  • Lead Healing Prayer at Sunday services

What if I’ve never done this before?

No prior experience in prayer or praying with others is required to serve as a Prayer Chaplain. All you need is a willingness to deepen your spiritual experience through prayer and service. Each individual will determine how they can best serve our community after completing the training.

How does this differ from hospital chaplaincy?

Hospital and care facility chaplains are ordained and trained to counsel people. Unity Prayer Chaplains are trained to do three things:

  • Hold spiritual space
  • Listen
  • Pray

Where do I begin?

The Spiritual Care Team overview is a required session for anyone considering serving on the team. Should you decide to commit to serving on the team, the training sessions will support you in determining the right path for you. Attendance at ALL training sessions is required. Training is held once a year.

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