The Roller Coaster of Holy Week

Today is Palm Sunday, and we will look at the “Roller Coaster of Holy Week.”

Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will emphasize how Jesus got ‘a ticker-tape parade’ on Palm Sunday. “But by Friday he had to deal with boards and nails. We can learn how to deal with the roller coasters in our life by seeing how Jesus handled the ups and downs during his time in Jerusalem,” Rev. Rick adds.

Neuroscience, Spirituality, and New Ideas About the ‘Highways of the Mind’

At the service for Sunday, March 21, we look at at recent advances in the areas of neuroscience and spirituality. Specifically, we explore something called neuroplasticity.

This message is part of a two-part series. “We are finding out that in so many ways our thoughts and consciousness can reprogram our brains in both positive and negative ways. Neuroplasticity aligns very strongly with key Unity principles,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

Neuroscience, Spirituality, and New Ideas On What Is Consciousness

At the Sunday, March 14th YouTube service, we will look at some incredible recent advances in neuroscience and their relationship to spirituality.

This will be the start of a two-part series on neuroscience and spirituality, which will explore such areas as advances in brain and nervous system imaging, radical changes in our notions of consciousness, and serious studies of near-death and out-of-body experiences.

“Shakespeare wrote that ‘there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of’ in our philosophies. Neuroscience is certainly proving Shakespeare correct,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

FINDING YOURSELF IN TRANSITION: Getting Through the Messy Middle

At the Sunday, March 7th YouTube service, we look at that great Unity classic by Rev. Robert Brumet, Finding Yourself in Transition.

“Rev. Brumet compares our transitions—such as divorces, health and financial challenges, and social disruptions—to the Exodus from Egypt. Wandering in the wilderness can feel like the “messy middle.” But it is often in this stage of a transition that we are presented with the greatest opportunities to make quantum leaps in our spiritual growth,” Rev. Rick says.

The Wisdom Pattern

Our YouTube service for February 28 looks at ways we can rise above our fears when we face serious transitions in our lives.

Rev. Dr. Rick Belous turns to Father Richard Rohr’s book, The Wisdom Pattern, for specific steps we can take to overcome our fears in the face of “lifequakes.” This service is the second part of a new series entitled: “Life Is in the Transitions.” If you missed the first part of the series, you can click here, or go to this web address to see it: Copies of Father Rohr’s book can be obtained by going to

Life is in the Transitions

This Sunday’s YouTube service begins a new three-part series on dealing with the difficult individual and social transitions we are facing.

Rev. Dr. Rick Belous is using three books to help us apply spiritual principles when dealing with the “lifequakes” that many of us are going through. On Sunday, February 21, we use Life in Transitions by Bruce Feiler. On Sunday, March 7 we explore The Wisdom Pattern by Father Richard Rohr. Then on Sunday, March 14, we review the insights of Rev. Robert Brumet in his Unity classic Finding Yourself in Transition. All three books can be obtained by going to

What the World Needs Now!

The Sunday February 14, Valentine’s Day, YouTube service is “What the World Needs Now”. (Remember that song by Jackie DeShannon?)

“We can have that kind of love in our lives when we become more loving. The Laws of Attraction and Mind/Action really do work when we work them,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous says. He will speak about ways we can make these things a reality in our lives.

Pollyanna Was Right!

At this week’s YouTube service, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous explains why Pollyanna was right!

“So often when we hit a bump in life, or see the news, we are tempted to say, “Unity and New Thought ideas are just happy babel. They are just so Pollyannaish.” If you read the novel, Pollyanna, you will discover that this young girl was right and what we need for difficult times,” Rev. Rick notes.


Spiritual Lessons from a Horse Whisperer

At January 31 service we will look at the spiritual insights we can gain from a very special horse whisperer. Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will tell the true story of a horse whisperer whose work led to the creation of a ranch where equine-related therapy is used to heal many forms of emotional and spiritual disturbances.

“One of the most important lessons to be learned is that it really matters what emotional and spiritual thoughts and feelings we bring into the paddock of life,” Rev. Rick notes.