Good Vibrations – Sound Healing

Sound and vibration have been used since the beginning of history to lift us from the mundane to the sublime and as a tool for creation and healing. Join us Sunday, September 10th, as guest speaker Mary Ann Walker takes us on a journey through the many ways sound and vibration have been used for centuries to create, open ourselves to the Divine, and bring about physical and spiritual healing. We’ll also look at the power of our spoken word and how we can use sound healing in our everyday life to create more peace, harmony, and expressions of love. If we are feeling peaceful and loving, we express that in the world and around it goes.

Stay after the service for a Sound Immersion with Angelic Therapy Harps. You’ll feel a wonderful relaxation flow through you and notice an opening to that deeper part of yourself. Feel the release of your cares as you drift into this lovely relaxing space that lasts about an hour and has benefits that can last a lifetime. $20 suggested love donation.

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Maximizing Our Capacity for Joy

How much JOY do you experience in your everyday life? What do you think about Joy? Janet Langmeier doesn’t think Joy is a special occasion emotion. She asks us to explore Joy as something deeper than happiness, and that taking a look at how the questions we ask ourselves and the little daily decisions we make can add up to more Joy in our days. Join us today for Maximizing Our Capacity for Joy with our guest speaker, Janet Langmeier.

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Is Life a Random Walk?

Is there any rhyme or reason for why you’re here, where you’ve been, or where you’re going? This is not a trick question – and there are no right or wrong answers.

During this talk, Janis will share some simple tools and techniques she discovered on her personal journey and spiritual quest to gain insight on the answer to – is life a random walk?

“It’s simply a matter of time before a seeker’s search begins in earnest – perhaps a week, a month, a year, fifty years, the next lifetime, or later – it matters not. Yet this may be the lifetime that a seeker admits, ‘I sense having lived many times in the past. I may be the best I’ve ever been, but I want more. Much more.’”

– Is Life a Random Walk? By Harold Klemp, p. 13

About Dr. Janis Morariu

Our guest speaker, Dr. Janis Morariu, is a retired IBM Distinguished Engineer who has been actively studying and practicing the teachings of Eckankar, The Path of Spiritual Freedom, for over 50 years and has been a member of the Eckankar Clergy for 26 of those years.

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We are all worth it!!

Join guest speaker Rev. Marc Silva today, July 30th, as we explore all the ways we are worth it! You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot livestream or record the service today. Don’t let that stop you – join us in person! You can also view previous Sunday services at this link:

Remarkable Seeds

No matter how small a seed may be, every seed contains a genetic code to recreate the plant that it came from, to multiply, and to bear fruit. We are “God’s seeds.” We are coded in our cells and in our hearts to become God’s selves. This potential has always lived in us. Join us this Sunday, July 23rd, to hear Rev. Luz share how we can cultivate the right conditions for God’s seeds to grow and bear fruit in our lives.

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About Rev. Luz Lecour, Guest Speaker and Ministerial Candidate

Rev. Luz Lecour was ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries in 2019. She has served as the Senior Minister at a Unity Church in Florida for over five years. Before that, she served as their Associate Minister.

In 2000 Rev. Luz and her husband moved from New York to Florida. They visited many churches, but none felt like home. In 2010 she discovered a Unity Church. Rev. Luz knew instantly that this was where she was being called to be. It did not take long for her to dive into Unity’s teachings and put them into practice in her life.

Rev. Luz says that Unity’s teachings have transformed her life, and it is her deepest desire to share these powerful, life-changing Universal truths with those who are willing to listen. “My personal mission, she says, is to share spiritual truth, to apply them to my life, and to be a healing presence of peace and God’s love wherever I go.”