Life is in the Transitions

This week’s YouTube service will explore the fear and increasing number of “life quakes” that people are now experiencing compared to past generations.

We will look at a new book by Bruce Feiler that emphasizes spiritual principles which can get us through our transitions.

Because of the recent snow, a new YouTube service was not recorded. This replay is one of URV’s most popular services since the pandemic began almost two years ago.

Living in the Problem or Living in the Solution?

Two New York Times journalists, Tina Rosenberg and David Bornstein, have tried to push the envelope on what we consider news.

“Traditionally, the news has been considered as reporting on the problems. Tina and David have been approaching the news as reporting on the solutions. Their work has truly driven home Unity’s Third Principle (Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying.),” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

On Sunday, January 16th, at the 11:00 am in-person service and YouTube service we will look at the media and Unity‘s Third Principle.

My Yoke is Easy and My Burden is Light

At the Sunday, January 9th, 11:00 am in-person service and YouTube service, we will look at the true story of Betty Kilby Baldwin and Phoebe Kilby.

A black woman and a white woman who are blood relatives and linked together through the legacy of slavery. It took working spiritual principles for them to get through fear, resentment, and anger. Now they share a very powerful message of love and forgiveness.

The White Stone Ceremony

We celebrate the White Stone Ceremony on Sunday, January 2nd, at the 11:00 am in-person service and at the YouTube service.

The White Stone Ceremony comes from the Book of Revelation, where we are promised a White Stone which will have on it a “new name,” wisdom, and power to overcome our challenges.

The Gift of Joy

This Sunday, December 19th, we will celebrate the Fourth Sunday of Advent at both the 11:00 am in-person service and YouTube service.

“The Fourth Sunday of Advent is all about Joy. So if you are not really feeling that Christmas Joy – or if someone you know is down – then this service is for you,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous says.

The Gift of Love

Join us today, December 12th, as we celebrate the third Sunday of Advent.

“The third Sunday of Advent is all about Love. We will look at giving love even when things are not going your way. We will also look at healthy self-love,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous says.

The Gift of Peace

This Sunday, December 5th, at both the 11:00 am in-person service and the YouTube service, we will celebrate the Second Sunday of Advent.

“This Advent week is all about Peace, and we will look at peace within and between families,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous notes.

Feeling Gratitude during Advent

At the Sunday, November 28th YouTube service Rev. Ginny Roll will explain why it’s appropriate that we should talk about the Thanksgiving Feast! Gratitude, Blessing, Giving Thanks and Praise, Counting Your Blessings can all be a part of this day! It doesn’t matter what you do – JUST DO IT! Your spirit will soar as you enjoy your Thanksgiving Feast!

Along Comes Squanto!

The pilgrims were going through some very hard times and they were almost down for the count. But then along came a Native American, Squanto (Tisquantum), who saved the day.

Rev. Dr. Rick Belous, in a Thanksgiving message from a few years back, asks us to look for the Squantos in our life – and to be a Squanto to others.

There were technical problems with the message recorded by Rev. Betty Tarpley. If possible, we hope to fix those problems and share that video with you.