Blessings to Rev. Linda

As we bid farewell to Rev. Linda Taylor, we are profoundly grateful for her many blessings to our congregation and community in her eight and a half years with us.  Among her accomplishments are: helping us navigate through a major renovation and expansion, introducing a brilliant fundraising idea that paid for our new roof, creating and leading several year-long Disciples study groups, facilitating a Mastermind focus group that lead to a new and refreshed vision and mission statement and Spirit Groups, rigorously developing and monitoring a realistic budget, increasing our income by inviting new like-minded people to our church through hosting the annual Body, Mind, Spirit Fest, and gently but steadily moving us forward on our spiritual paths into a community-lead consciousness.  

Through all of this she remained open, accessible, and humble – a true demonstration and example of walking the path of Spirit.

We love and bless her as she continues to follow her own spiritual path, wherever that leads, knowing that we are better for her time with us and are also prepared for our next exciting step in spiritual evolution.  Because of her efforts, we are ready to welcome in a new leader that is our vibrational match.

Join me in sending love and blessings to Rev. Linda Taylor and her husband, Riley, as they begin their new, spirit-guided adventure back to Texas and family.  We are a better, stronger, more Spirit-led and capable due to her eight and a half years with us.  She is a shining example of walking the spiritual path with grace, humility, insight, vision, practicality, and intuition.  We send them on the wings of prayer, knowing that we are all held in the hands of God. 

Happy New Year to all,

Sue Frankel

President, URV BOD

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