Message from The Board of Directors

We at Unity of Roanoke Valley support you spiritually during this national health challenge. As a community of prayer, our strength and protection are grounded in faith and knowledge. We encourage everyone to follow the CDC guidelines. Know that you are being held in loving thoughts of peace and abundant health. We invite you to continue your generous financial support by mailing a check or visiting our website.
Mail a check to: 
Unity of Roanoke Valley
3300 Green Ridge Road
Roanoke VA 24019
Visit the website ‘Donate’ page by clicking here.
We look forward to the time when we can join together in Unity!

Manna for the Manse Raffle

The Board of Directors is holding a raffle to raise money for the badly needed repairs to the manse.  
Tickets go on sale Sunday, February 9th. The drawing will be seven (7) weeks later on the afternoon of March 29. (p-s-s-s-s-t! In the Bible, the number seven is the number of completion and perfection!)
Raffle tickets are $2.00 each or a “stretch” of tickets for $20. Half the money will be for the manse. The other half will be divided among winners: first place gets 50% of the prize money; second place, 25%; third,15%; and fourth,10%.  
Ticket holders do not have to be present to win, and will be notified by phone.

Plenty of chances to win, and plenty of chances to donate the winnings back to the church as well!
Envelopes of tickets are available for congregants to sign out and sell to their friends and co-workers. Either return unsold tickets or return the stubs and money.
Buy a few tickets and you may be the lucky winner!!!

The Healing Power of Moving Money

This workshop is for people who want their relationship with money to become an active part of their spiritual lives. One Unity minister who took the workshop “gained some wonderful insights about my personal issues with prosperity and tools to heal them.”
The workshop takeaways include: a way to witness your existing relationship with money and shift it; a test to assess your strongest and weakest money archetypes; clarity healing the weak and nourishing the strong archetypes.