Good Vibrations – Sound Healing

Sound and vibration have been used since the beginning of history to lift us from the mundane to the sublime and as a tool for creation and healing. Join us Sunday, September 10th, as guest speaker Mary Ann Walker takes us on a journey through the many ways sound and vibration have been used for centuries to create, open ourselves to the Divine, and bring about physical and spiritual healing. We’ll also look at the power of our spoken word and how we can use sound healing in our everyday life to create more peace, harmony, and expressions of love. If we are feeling peaceful and loving, we express that in the world and around it goes.

Stay after the service for a Sound Immersion with Angelic Therapy Harps. You’ll feel a wonderful relaxation flow through you and notice an opening to that deeper part of yourself. Feel the release of your cares as you drift into this lovely relaxing space that lasts about an hour and has benefits that can last a lifetime. $20 suggested love donation.

Click here to watch the livestream:

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