New Class!!


New Class!!

Beginning September 16
Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Rick Belous
Location: Wherever you are for Zoom meetings

Evolution is important in the world of biology. Many modern thinkers believe that evolution plays a central role in the direction and the path of spirituality.

When we can grasp how this process of spiritual evolution has worked in the past, we can start to get a handle on where new forms of spirituality may be headed. 

The class will be using Birthing A Greater Reality by Rev. Robert Brumet. Rev. Brumet has often been called the Yoda of the Unity movement. The book can be ordered through our bookstore or from Amazon. 

“Evolution in the past mostly has been unconscious evolution. Now we have the possibility of conscious spiritual evolution. This could have a far greater impact on humankind than many other types of suggested solutions,” Rev. Rick adds.

The class is open to all. Since it is via Zoom, you can participate either through your computer or your telephone. 

To join the class please either click on this link or send an email to and put “Spiritual Evolution Class” in the subject line.

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