New Class–Metaphysical Interpretation

The pioneers of the Unity movement did not take the Bible literally. Instead they developed powerful ways to interpret the Bible on a metaphysical level. Starting on Wednesday, July 15, at 8:00pm Eastern time, Rev. Dr. Rick Belous will be leading a new Zoom class on METAPHYSICAL INTERPRETATION.

“You do not have to be a minister to do very good metaphysical interpretations. Some of the best metaphysical interpretations I have seen were done by people who never took a class in theology,” Rev. Rick notes. The class will explore the key points of metaphysical interpretation, and then we will apply them to the Bible. However, the class will move beyond the Bible by exploring metaphysical interpretations of books, movies, TV shows, and even comic books. 

The class will be given via Zoom. “The great thing about Zoom, it that you will be able to be a part of this class either through your computer or by dialing in on a telephone,”  Rev. Rick explains. To be a part of this class, email Rev. Rick (Click here). Put “Metaphysical Interpretation” in the subject line, and include your name, phone number, and email address. You will be emailed back a Zoom invitation to be a part of the class.  All are welcome!

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