Remarkable Seeds

No matter how small a seed may be, every seed contains a genetic code to recreate the plant that it came from, to multiply, and to bear fruit. We are “God’s seeds.” We are coded in our cells and in our hearts to become God’s selves. This potential has always lived in us. Join us this Sunday, July 23rd, to hear Rev. Luz share how we can cultivate the right conditions for God’s seeds to grow and bear fruit in our lives.

View the recorded service here:

About Rev. Luz Lecour, Guest Speaker and Ministerial Candidate

Rev. Luz Lecour was ordained by Unity Worldwide Ministries in 2019. She has served as the Senior Minister at a Unity Church in Florida for over five years. Before that, she served as their Associate Minister.

In 2000 Rev. Luz and her husband moved from New York to Florida. They visited many churches, but none felt like home. In 2010 she discovered a Unity Church. Rev. Luz knew instantly that this was where she was being called to be. It did not take long for her to dive into Unity’s teachings and put them into practice in her life.

Rev. Luz says that Unity’s teachings have transformed her life, and it is her deepest desire to share these powerful, life-changing Universal truths with those who are willing to listen. “My personal mission, she says, is to share spiritual truth, to apply them to my life, and to be a healing presence of peace and God’s love wherever I go.”

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