Sound Immersion

March 8, 2019  7:00pm-8:30pm  Love Offering 
Lent is a time for a deeper conversion of the heart, a closer identification to the Christ consciousness. When you enter the world of sound and vibration, you enter a place of hope and healing. Flow with the beautiful sound waves of the Angel Therapy Harps and other soothing sounds to the place of deep relaxation and connection. A place to allow something essential to be, a place to attune to your highest self. 
To best receive the healing energy of the sounds and vibrations, participants are encouraged to sit or lie down and allow themselves to relax. Bring a mat, light blanket and pillow if you wish. Feelings of inner calm, increased happiness, improved mental and spiritual clarity plus a wonderful nights’ sleep are just some of the benefits people enjoy. 
Contact: Mary Ann Walker, Certified Sound Healer, at 540-904-8569 or

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