Sunday Service, July 12, 2020

Many modern Biblical scholars believe that there was a bay in the Sea of Galilee where Jesus told many of his parables to hundreds- if not thousands- of listeners. “This spot is known as the Bay of Parables, and it has come to represent a place where our best dreams and hopes are shared,” Rev. Dr. Rick Belous explains. 
At the Sunday, July 12th service,  Rev. Rick talks about how we can form a “Bay of Parables” for both our deepest individual dreams and sincerest hopes for Unity of Roanoke Valley. “It was at the Bay of Parables that Jesus first shared his vision of what it meant to go from good to great. The Bay of Parables is a state of consciousness that we can really use – and can have – today,” he notes.

To attend this service via YouTube, click here.

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