Holistic Healing Center


“Sometimes we pray to a God outside of ourselves. It is the God in the midst of us that frees and heals.”

Myrtle Fillmore (Co-Founder of Unity)


Myrtle Fillmore, the co-founder of Unity, was a champion of healing from within and many know her by her quote, “I am a child of God, and therefore I do not inherit sickness.”  The Myrtle Fillmore Holistic Healing Center is an opportunity to not only honor Myrtle Fillmore, but also to demonstrate our mission statement, “to inspire people to make positive change in their lives and in the world”.  The mission of the Center is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and transformation of mind, body and spirit in alignment with Unity teachings.

The Myrtle Fillmore Holistic Healing Center will be offering on site the services of holistic practitioners who are active participants in Unity of Roanoke Valley, and other activities such as mini healing expos, inspirational self help speakers, an awakening consciousness film series…the possibilities are endless.  

The opening of this Center is us planting a seed of infinite possibilities that like a flower will bloom and grow in its time.

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