Getting Clear, a workshop with Howard Ceasar

 October 17, 2018
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Love Offering
Clarity paves the way to increased power, freedom, and happiness. This workshop is for the person who is looking for clarity and deeper meaning in the life we are called to live. A larger, more expansive view of life, yourself, God, and your relationship to “All That Is” awaits anyone who is willing to enter this process of getting clear.
Private sessions with Rev. Howard Ceaser are available on Thursday, October 18 for $75.00 an hour.

Reverend Howard Caesar was ordained as a Unity minister in 1976.  In September of 2017, he left pulpit ministry to enter his next form of spiritual service which includes speaking, workshops, coaching, consulting, pilgrimages, and writing.  He currently has an Amazon #1Best Seller, One + One is One.  Rev. Caesar is recognized as one of the foremost leaders and speakers with the New Thought message, traveling the world to meet with spiritual leaders such as His Holiness, the Dali Lama. He is a founding member of the leadership Council of the Association for Global New Thought Alliance (AGNT) and previously served on the boards of International New Thought Alliance (INTA) as well as Unity Worldwide Ministries, Pavilion International Recovery Center, and other boards.

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